EnerPlex Kickr II Portable Solar Charger Black

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EnerPlex Kickr II Portable Solar Charger Black

EnerPlex Kickr II Portable Solar Charger Black

Height: 0.63

Lenght: 14.57

Width: 7.64

Manufacturer: EnerPlex

Weight: 0.4lb

The Enerplex Kickr II is perfect for the outdoorsman. From the top of a mountain to the base of a river the user can use the Kickr II and capture solar energy to charge any type of USB enabled device. Featuring a light and flexible body weighing less than a pound, the unit can be easily strapped to a backpack or bike, making transportation effortless. The Kickr II can charge a wide variety of electronic devices including phones, tablets, camera chargers, and GPS's. The Kickr II delivers 3.0 watts of regulated power through a standard 5V USB 2.0 connector, allowing it to interface with a wide variety of electronics. Not only is the Kickr II powerful, the flexible lightweight plastic casing solar panels make it the lightest solar panel charger on the market. Unlike other solar integrated consumer products which use rigid and fragile crystalline based solar panels, the Kickr II utilizes Ascent Solar, leading-edge cigs photovoltaic technology on a flexible, plastic substrate; meaning Enerplex products are perfect for an ascent of Kilimanjaro or just a day at the beach. While other competitors produce portable solar chargers, their products are easily breakable with one drop. The Kickr II can be bent, dropped, stepped on, and even thrown while continuing to stay in working condition. Coupled with the Kickr's superb durability, the unit is very adaptable: Its grommet rings allow for multiple use opportunities by facilitating the ability to tether, tie, and loop to any type of structure. Lightweight, powerful, rugged; the enerplex Kickr II.

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