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10 Qt. Covered Kettle

10 Qt. Covered KettleThis is a great stock pot for family camping or hunter groups. Solid aluminum c..


ADC Infrared Communication Adapter

ADC Infrared Communication Adapter"Features ADC-IR Download information from your JetSet, Pro or Sum..



ADC Pro"When weather data matters most, Pro gathers and records all the key conditions.From the kaya..


ADC Summit

ADC Summit"Should you stay or should you go? Summit gives you the data you need to make the call. F..


ADC Wind

ADC Wind"Windy isn't it? Time, temp and wind chill in the palm of your hand. From the kayak to the ..


Alu Tech 0.6L Pot

Alu Tech 0.6L PotAluTech 0.6L, New alu-pot w/o non-stickSimple and tough pots without any add-ons th..


Alu Tech 1.2L Pot

Alu Tech 1.2L PotAluTech 1.2L, Alu-pot w/o non-stick based on PackLite potSimple and tough pots with..


Alu Tech 1.2L, Alu-Pot W/O Non-Stick

Alu Tech 1.2L, Alu-Pot W/O Non-StickPrimus AluTech Pots are simple and tough. These Primus camping p..


Bear Paw 5" Lockback w/ Leather Sheath

Bear Paw 5" Lockback w/ Leather SheathBEARPAW 5 LOCKBACK WITH LEATHER SHEATH  Blade Steel: Stai..


Bearhead 3" Single Blade Lockback

Bearhead 3" Single Blade Lockback3 BEARHEAD LOCKBACK  Blade Steel: Stainless, Handle Material: ..


Bearhead Trapper 4 3/16" w/ tweezer

Bearhead Trapper 4 3/16" w/ tweezerBEARHEAD TRAPPER 4 3/16 WITH FIELD-PICK TWEEZER  Blade Steel..


Big Man 4 Blade Old Timer 3 1/2"

Big Man 4 Blade Old Timer 3 1/2"OLD TIMER BIG MAN 4 BLADE 3 1/2 CLOSED  Blade Steel: Stainless,..


Cave Bear 5" Closed with Leather Sheath

Cave Bear 5" Closed with Leather SheathCAVE BEAR LOCKBACK 5 CLOSED WITH LEATHER SHEATH  Handle:..


Coffee Press

Coffee Press"Fits EtaExpress, EtaPower Pot (1 litre size) and LiTech Trek Kettle (1 litre size) D..


Coffee/Tea Press for Eta Solo

Coffee/Tea Press for Eta SoloThe Primus Coffee & Tea Press is compatible with the Primus EtaSolo..