Cooking Gear

Shop Wilderness Sports Outfitters for a great selection of cooking gear!


Alongside a mountain trail or at a lakeside camp great cooking gear is as essential as rain gear or a cozy sleeping bag for a comfortable and successful trip to the outdoors.


With open fires increasingly restricted, a quality stove is a necessity for preparing meals or hot drinks. Choose from lightweight backpacking stoves, with a variety of fuel choices, to multi-burner camp stoves to meet your needs.


The cookware you bring is also important. Whether you require ultra-lightweight pots and pans for a wilderness backpacking trip or you are just unloading the camper at the lake, you have a great choice of cookware. Look for lightweight aluminum or stainless steel with non-stick surfaces and even ‘Lodge’ brand cast iron pots and pans. There is a pan to fit your hand.


And, when that delicious meal has been prepared, eat in style with great utensils and tableware. Choose table-ready forks, knives, and spoons or backpacking ‘sporks’; enameled plates and cups or folding backpack ready mess kits.


Finally, who is doing the dishes? A selection of foldup basins and buckets for washing up and a collapsible carry all/trash can will make clean up a breeze.