Outdoor Tech Gear

Wilderness Sports Outfitters offers a great selection of outdoor tech gear!


Plot your course - power up (and stay that way) - stay connected - light your trail or camp - protect your gear from moisture - and be sure your water is fresh.


Our modern lives are increasingly technology-driven: Our PC’s, tablets, and (progressively more important) our smartphones are all essential devices of our day-to-day existence. Even when you are ‘getting away’ to the wild and disconnecting from the daily grind, you need to be able to keep in touch and find your way.


charger for your electronics - whether a wall plug-in or solar charger (or both) - will be certain you can stay powered up. While most smartphones have a compass built in, having a separate one (and learning how to use it) can be a valuable tool out on a hike. Add in weather monitoring tools to track conditions and stay aware of weather changes on the trail.


Light up your hike or campsite with an old standby, a gas lantern, or choose a modern equivalent (recharged by your solar panels, of course) to keep campsites or tents bright.


Protect your important electronics from moisture with a waterproof locker or pouch.


Finally, carry water purification gear to be certain any water you draw from streams or lakes is purified and safe to drink or use for cooking.