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Solarflat 5 Amorphous Panel 5Watt 24Volt

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Solarflat 5 Amorphous Panel 5Watt 24Volt

Solarflat 5 Amorphous Panel 5Watt 24Volt

Designed for permanent or semi-permanent mounting, these weatherproof rigid power panels are perfect for your RV , cabin or boat, your electrified stock fence, even for keeping your vehicle batteries charged up and ready to go. Advanced solar-collection technology means you can count on reliable output in virtually all conditions.


Amorphous solar cells for high low-light performance


Durable aluminum frame

Reverse flow protection

Dimensions: 7"x24".75"

Output: 24V

Power/current: 5 watts @ 150mA

Link multiple like-units together for even more output

Use up to five together with SolarController™ for perfect charge control

Includes: 10 ft cable, vehicle cable, battery clamps, link adapter cable (SF 15)

Weight: 70.00lbs.

Brand: Brunton

  • Brand: JBO
  • Product Code: F-SOLARFLT5-24
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  • $77.00