Dig a fire pit, chop or saw firewood, or inflate your air mattress - Shop Wilderness Sports Outfitters for handy camp tools to make settling into camp a breeze.



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AceCamp Folding Shovel with Pick, Green

AceCamp Folding Shovel with Pick, Green Dig a fire pit or pick out roots and debris. The shovel ..


AceCamp Mini Folding Shovel, Silver

AceCamp Mini Folding Shovel, SilverA 3.5 oz / 5.5 x 2.4 in Stainless steel, compact, and lightweight..


AceCamp Multi Tool, Red

AceCamp Multi Tool, Red Don't let the pretty package fool you, our red multitool..


AceCamp Multi-Tool Shovel, Black

AceCamp Multi-Tool Shovel, BlackA simple shovel this is not! Chop wood or build a shelter, no task i..


Back Paxe II

Back Paxe IIThe Gerber Sport Axe II is a durable, high-performance axe that is well-balanced for eff..


Coghlans Folding Saw

Coghlans Folding SawHeight: 22.25Lenght: 2.75Width: 1.00Manufacturer: CoghlansWeight: 1.02lbCoghlan..


Coghlans Folding Shovel With Saw

Coghlans Folding Shovel With SawHeight: 13.75Lenght: 6.00Width: 2.87Manufacturer: CoghlansWeight: 2...


Coghlans Mini Shovel With Pick

Coghlans Mini Shovel With PickHeight: 7.62Lenght: 3.87Width: 2.12Manufacturer: CoghlansWeight: 1.25l..


Coghlans Pocket Sierra Saw

Coghlan's Pocket Sierra SawHeight: 8.50Lenght: 4.75Width: 0.75Manufacturer: Coghlan'sWeight: 0.17lbC..


Coghlans Tent Peg Mallet

Coghlans Tent Peg MalletHeight: 13.25Lenght: 2.25Width: 4Manufacturer: CoghlansWeight: 0.98lbHeavy d..


Coleman Dual-Action Quickpump Inflator Hand Pump 2000019225

Coleman Dual-Action Quickpump Inflator Hand Pump 2000019225Height: 15.04Lenght: 8.07Width: 5.28Manuf..


Exchange/Blade Saw

Exchange/Blade SawNylon handle with Kraton® grip Includes two high-quality stainless steel blades. E..


Freescape Camp Saw

Freescape Camp SawThe saw utilizes 4 pivot points to effectively cut larger diameter wood while..


Freescape Hatchet

Freescape HatchetThe Freescape Hatchet uses a forged steel head that's world class in strength and a..


Garden & Camp Machete

Garden & Camp MacheteA handy cutting tool to clear brush from camp sites, hunting blinds, and sh..